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Odiham Raft Race 5th September 2021

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We sponsored the first 'Odiham Raft Race' which was on the 2nd September 2018 and it was a roaring success, raising over £500 for the Basingstoke Canal Society.     

The funds raised will be used by the Basingstoke Canal Society to help keep our beautiful canal in the best possible condition so that we can enjoy boating, walking, cycling and just looking at the diverse wildlife that it attracts.


The theme of the event was '100 years of the RAF' and there was a fancy dress theme which not many spectators took up so next year we will reduce it to something more achievable like 'wear a nautical hat' Prizes will be awarded next year for the best hat!

There were quite a few stalls on Colt Hill Wharf including; The Basingstoke Canal Society (BCS), The Basingstoke Canal Authority (BCA), Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Sand Art, Accessible Boating, Pickle Bear, La Creperie, a beer tent and a tea and coffee stand both manned by Galleon Marine.

Seven adult teams launched their rafts from the North Warnborough Lift Bridge at 10 minute intervals and finished 2.6 Km later at the boat basin at Colt Hill. The B.A.D. Canoe Club provided marshals to follow each raft to ensure safety. The winning Team was called 'A Raft For Life' and was crewed by staff from the Basingstoke Canal Society their winning time was 32 minutes which means their average speed was 3.00 miles per hour! (4.88 KPH). The 2019 course will be from Colt Hill Wharf to Lodge Copse Bridge and back which will be shorter (1.36 Miles) rather than the 1.6 Miles for 2018. This means that if the BCA can achieve the same speed they would complete next years course in just over 27 minutes!

Team times for 2018 were as follows

  1. Raft For Life - BCA - 32 minutes.
  2. In Deep Ship - Andy Caine - 47 Minutes
  3. Bad Idea - Basingstoke And Deane Canoe Club - 48 minutes
  4. Blues & Twos - Galleon Marine - 57 minutes
  5. John Sinkerton - Dan  Marsh + Fergus Stewart - 58 minutes
  6. West Street Wafters - Jeremy Fellows & Neighbours - 70 minutes
  7. Crafty Buggers - Graham Goldup and friends - 82 minutes

Two Junior teams raced from Colt Hill Wharf to the Odiham Bypass Bridge and back again.

They were:

  1. Basingstoke And Deane Canoe Club Juniors - 7 minutes, 17 seconds
  2. West Street Wafters Juniors - 11 minutes, 9 seconds

The Winners Cup and Medals for all team members were presented by ACM Sir Joe French after the race.

The race will run again next year so you have plenty of time to get a team together and build a raft!


For 2019, the course started and finished at Colt Hill Wharf. The turnaround point was Lodge Copse Bridge. This gave a total distance of 2.2Km (1.36 Miles) the course for 2018 was 2.6Km (1.6 Miles). The interval between starts was reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes to allow more 'interaction' on the water between teams.

Here are the official results, if you missed them on the day
1st - 31min 43sec - Boatyard Buoys
2nd - 33min 34sec - In Deep Ship
3rd - 43min 40sec -Badder Belles
4th - 45min 34sec - Rafty McRaftface
5th - 46min 8 sec - Just Add Cash
6th - 51min 40sec - John Sinkerton
7th - 62min 22sec - Piston Broke Rafters
8th - 77min 26sec - Floaty Boaty
9th - 91min 40sec - Ladies Who Launch
10th - 100min 5sec - Good Ship Venus
11th - Did Not Finish - Drink or Sink

That you to our official timekeeper David Harris who diligently and patiently recorded the times.




The Event Opened at 1pm and finished at 5pm. The Raft Race started at 2pm. The Tug-O-War was a new event this year and went down very well

For 2021, the course started and finished at Colt Hill Wharf. The turnaround point was just short of the Mud Barge giving a total distance of 1.6Km (1 Mile) the course for 2019 was 2.2Km (1.36 Miles).

Times and places were as follows

Main Raft Race
1st - Badder Belles 26.52 Minutes
2nd - Boatyard Buoys 33.53 Minutes
3rd - Shark Bait 36.46 Minutes
4th - Space Hoppers 38.51 Minutes
5th - Unsinkable 2 44.03 Minutes
6th - Fastest Milk Float in the West 45.98 Minutes
7th - Dijabringabeer 49.48 Minutes
8th - Floaty Boaty 65.56 Minutes
Tug-O-War Winner - Boatyard Buoys
Well done to everyone who made the day one to remember; Volunteers, Basingstoke & Deane Canoe Club, Air Cadets, Stall Holders, Raft Teams and everyone who attended. Can't wait until next year!

See our facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/odihamraftrace


The following rules are for the safety of all competitors and to ensure that the canal and its wildlife are not damaged.

1. The minimum age for competitors in the main race is 11. A minimum of one adult (18+) must be part of any team containing youth members.

2. Each raft will be crewed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 competitors.

3. All competitors must be capable of swimming 25 metres fully clothed and unaided. Any competitors under the age of 16 must wear approved buoyancy aids. Life jackets will be available courtesy of the Canoe Club for a refundable deposit of £20. All competitors must wear suitable footwear to help prevent injury from hidden underwater hazards.

4. The raft must be a maximum of 2 metres wide.  It must not be constructed of any materials likely to be toxic to the environment. No polystyrene foam is to be used unless fully encased in plastic. No nails to be used below the waterline. No commercially manufactured hulls.

5. Rafts must be propelled without any mechanical advantage such as a motor or geared paddle-wheel. No rowlocks! Competitors may not propel the raft by pushing against the sides or bottom of the canal (punting). You are allowed to use commercially available canoe or kayak paddles.

6. Rafts must be capable of being launched and recovered by the crew alone.

7. When boats have turned around at the midway point and are heading home, they have priority so outward bound teams must give way to them by moving to the right bank.

8. Rafts must be available in the assembly area for inspection by the organisers by 1pm on the day of the race. The organisers’ decision about the safety and fitness of the raft to take part is final. Teams may contact the organisers prior to the race for advice and a progress check.

If you would like to continue and enter a team Click Here

Or you can download and print an Entry Form Here and then hand it in to one of the addresses listed on the form.

If you need some ideas, have a look at this post Raft Ideas  or have a look at the rafts in the pictures below.

Below are some images of the event to give you the sense of occasion.