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Odiham Raft Race 2nd September 2018

We are very excited to be sponsoring the first 'Odiham Raft Race' which will be on the 2nd September 2018 - 2-5pm.


The event is to raise funds for the Basingstoke Canal Society who do an enourmous amount of work to help keep our beautiful canal in the best possible condition so that we can enjoy boating, walking, cycling and just looking at the diverse wildlife that it attracts.

The theme of the event is '100 years of the RAF' and there is a fancy dress theme which we would encourage which is 'As you were when the ship went down' Prizes will be awarded for fancy dress!

There will be stalls, food and drink at both the boatyard and Colt Hill Wharf.

Adult teams will launch their raft at the North Warnborough Lift Bridge and finish at the boat basin at Colt Hill.
Teams can be 2 to 6 people (over 16 years old)

Junior teams will race from Colt Hill Wharf to the Odiham Bypass Bridge and back again.


The following rules are for the safety of all competitors and to ensure that the canal and its wildlife are not damaged.

1. The minimum age for competitors in the main race is 11. A minimum of two adults (18+) must be part of any team containing youth members. The minimum age for competitors in the children’s race is 7. Each raft in the children’s race must be captained by an adult, who may not assist the propulsion of the raft.

2. Each raft will be crewed by a maximum of 6 competitors.

3. All competitors must be capable of swimming 25 metres fully clothed and unaided. Any competitors under the age of 16 must wear approved buoyancy aids. Life jackets will be available courtesy of the Canoe Club for a refundable deposit of £20. All competitors must wear suitable footwear to help prevent injury from hidden underwater hazards.

4. The raft must be a maximum of 2 metres wide.  It must not be constructed of any materials likely to be toxic to the environment. No polystyrene foam is to be used unless fully encased in plastic. No nails to used below the waterline. No commercially manufactured hulls.

5. Rafts must be propelled without any mechanical advantage such as a motor or geared paddlewheel. No rowlocks! Competitors may not propel the raft by pushing against the sides or bottom of the canal.

6. Rafts must be capable of being launched and recovered by the crew alone.

7. Rafts must be available in the assembly area for inspection by the organisers by 1pm on the day of the race. The organisers’ decision about the safety and fitness of the raft to take part is final. Teams may contact the organisers prior to the race for advice and a progress check.

If you would like to continue and enter a team Click Here

Or you can download and print an Entry Form Here and then hand it in to one of the addresses listed on the form.