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Bellow are some of our experiences, happy moments, funny stories and more. Baking is our passion and our mission is to share all of it with you!

Our First Week

We are just about to finish our first full week here at Galleon Marine. Above is our new sign which is opposite the Waterwitch pub. The beautiful weather has made it very enjoyable for us and the friendly boaters we have had the pleasure to meet. It has been a steep learning curve getting to grips with all the things that need to be done but we think everything is in order now.

Long Sunny June Weekend

Saturday wasn't looking great with torrential downpours in the morning, however as soon as we arrived at the boatyard the rain stopped and the sun came out. We had a great weekend on our 40ft boat. It is always a good idea to test out your own services and view things from our customers viewpoint. 

The Mill House

Had a great lunch at the Mill House in North Warnborough a few weeks ago. The Chicken Ceasar Salad was just perfect for the day. Since the fire at the Swan Inn back in September 2010, boaters have been happily setting out to pay a visit only to find its' charred remains. If you find yourself in this position, just keep heading north for about another 500m until you come upon The Mill House. They have a lovely mill pond complete with swans and a working water wheel which you can see under a glass floor panel.

Tree fallen across canal

A large beech tree fell across the canal on 20th May and completely blocked navigation at the Fox and Hounds pub, Church Crookham.  The Basingstoke Canal Authority apologised for the inconvenience and got working to remove it as soon as possible. I visited the pub on 26th May and it looks clear once more. Well done guys!

Algae in the Canal

The beginning of the narrowboating year started well with a lot of sunshine, this however seemed to create the perfect conditions for a blue-green algae, which bloomed a little too much between Ash Lock and Greywell. We had a week in early May where it was not advised to use non-powered boats, such as kayaks and row boats on the canal. Dog walkers too had to restrain their faithful friends from diving into the water. Thankfully the Canal Authority have issued an all clear and everyone can again enjoy the canal.