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galleonmarine's blog


Bellow are some of our experiences, happy moments, funny stories and more. Baking is our passion and our mission is to share all of it with you!

Improving our picnic area

After painting our garden furniture, installing an artistic medicinal herb feature and new planting, we thought it would be a good idea to place a gazebo at one end of the garden for those not so nice days. If you are looking for somewhere to grab a tea or coffee and just watch the boats, why not come down. We are also looking at providing kayak/canoe birthday parties where groups of up to 15 can take out a kayak or canoe for an hour and then have cake and food in our gazebo for another hour. (You provide the food and drink) We welcome any feedback you might have on this idea.

Bluebells at Mytchett

I had to go out to one of our boats the other day and walking back along the towpath near Mytchett bridge I cam across a group of bluebells which lined the towpath just before Mytchett Lake, spring is really underway and summer not far!

New Narrowboat Livery and Names

Holly is the first of our boats which has been painted in new colours - Union Canal Green and Crimson. She also has new logos on the sides and her name on the bow sides. The photo was taken last weekend at Crookham Wharf where a family had a joint 70th Birthday trip. Other boats will follow suit; Bramble, Hazel & Teasel

Electric boat for hire

We had our first trip on the new electric boat we put together over the winter. It is capable of holding up to 5 people and can cruise silently along the canal. If you fancy a picnic at Odiham Castle, why not give it a try. The price is £25 per hour. A £50 deposit is also required.

Easter Monday Boating

Wow! we had fantastic weather for the Easter Monday bank holiday and it brought out over a hundred people who enjoyed messing about in rowboats, kayaks and canoes on the Basingstoke Canal. Our new Kiosk is in full swing now serving teas & coffee, cakes, biscuits etc. etc. We have nearly finished painting our garden furniture in bright colours and have erected a large gazebo for days when the weather isn't so nice. Why not come down and enjoy the canal, we are open 7 days a week now until the end of October.